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Antiqued Pewter Plated Toggle Clasp, Cast, Large (10 Pieces)

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  • These bar and ring sets can be clasped with one hand making them ideal for bracelets and watches.
  • Please note: The last few beads you put near the clasp should be small, to make sure the bar will go all the way through the ring (making the clasp easier to close).
  • Size listed is outside diameter of the ring (excluding its loop) and the length of the bar. Price is per set, rather than per piece.

Toggle Clasps and Bracelets

It's true! Toggles can be clasped with one hand, so they are good for bracelets, including watch bracelets. Here's a hint to help make sure no one loses one of your creations: When using toggle clasps for bracelets, the bracelet must fit the customer fairly well. If the bracelet is too loose, a short toggle bar might wiggle itself out of its loop. Longer bars can help solve the problem, but won't eliminate it. To size your bracelets to your customers' wrists you might want to use a few chain links at the end, between the clasp and the last beads. Then you can remove or add links at the time of sale. Or if you really have a good thing going, make 6.5", 7", and 8" versions of your best-selling patterns and colors of bracelets.

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Antiqued Pewter Plated
15mm ring, 26mm bar
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United States
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