Copyright & Reprinting

Plagiarism is an act of fraud! Be respectful and legal in your use of copyrighted material.

Rings & Things retains all rights to instruction sheets, text and images on our website. You are welcome to print them for your own personal use, but not for commercial purposes. You must receive written permission from us to use any of the materials on our website for commercial uses.


The jewelry and other design projects that you may build yourself from the instructions are not copyrighted. When you find a project you like, feel free to make as many ornaments or pieces of jewelry as you like, for yourself, for sale, or for gifts. You can alter them slightly, significantly, or not at all. It is the instructions themselves (text and illustrations) to which we retain rights.

If you are an instructor, you may use our instruction sheets in your classes as long as you credit Rings & Things, and do not remove the source information from the handouts.


All photographs, illustrations and other images on this website (and in previous print catalogs) are the property of Rings & Things. If you wish to use these images for any reason, you must request and receive written permission from us first. That said, we are happy to help our customers promote their work, and are often able to provide high-quality stock images for print signage (in addition to the lower-resolution images on our website), upon request. Please contact us with your needs.


If you would like to reprint parts of our website on your website, you must contact us first! It is likely that we will just ask you to credit your source, by adding a note saying the information is from Rings & Things.

Include the following information with your request:
  •   Your name and business name
  •   Your email address
  •   The information or images that you wish to use
  •   Where you will use our information or images