Nickel Silver Wire & Sheet

Shop round, half-round, and square nickel silver wire, plus 20-gauge nickel silver sheet in 6-inch squares or strips. This alloy of nickel, copper, and zinc is an economic alternative to sterling silver.

Nickel silver wire offers an economic alternative to sterling silver jewelry wire. Also called German silver, nickel silver is an alloy of nickel, copper, and zinc. While this metal does not contain any actual silver, it is silver in color, making it an attractive alternative for making silver-color jewelry (just be aware that some people are allergic to nickel). Choose from round, half-round, and square wire in 14 gauge (thick) to 24 gauge.

Make custom metal jewelry with sterling silver, brass, copper, aluminum and nickel silver sheet. These metals make beautiful (and colorful) artisan jewelry! 20-gauge nickel silver sheet can be pierced and sawn into custom shapes, dapped (domed), formed into bracelet cuffs, and stamped with custom phrases and designs. 20-gauge sheet works great for chemical etching.

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