Memory Wire Pliers & Cutters

Most jewelry tools are designed for use with sterling silver, copper & 14kt wire... but will dent or break when used on steel. These tools, however, ARE tough enough for steel memory wire.

Memory Wire Bending Pliers and Heavy-Duty Cutters from Rings & Things.

  • Most jewelry tools are designed for use with sterling silver, copper, brass and 14kt wire... but will dent, chip or break when used with steel wire. The tools on this page, however, ARE tough enough to use on steel memory wire.
  • The short tips and sturdy base of Beadalon's memory wire bending pliers help you create consistent-sized loops at the ends of your memory wire, without wrenching your plier tips askew (but it's still a good idea to work as close to the base -- not the tips -- of your pliers as possible).
  • These heavy-duty flush cutters make a nice flat (flush) cut (unlike some cutters that leave a "V" shaped point on your wire after you cut it).
  • The economy heavy-duty cutters on this page are great for the price -- they are a workhorse, and they cut nearly flush.
Although these tools are rated for steel memory wire and other steel jewelry wire, they of course can be used on softer metals as well.

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