Flat Wire & Bezel Wire

5mm flat wire is great for creating custom stamped pendants and bracelet components. Smooth bezel wire isn't just for bezels!
  • Flat wire and bezel wire of all gauges can be used to create no-solder resin bezels.
  • 5mm flat 21-gauge Artistic Wire is great for creating stamped pendants and bracelet components with custom names and phrases.
  • 3/16" (4.76mm) 32-gauge copper and brass bezel wire by EURO TOOL is perfect for custom bezels. OR it can be metal stamped, and then riveted, stitched, soldered or glued to a sturdy backing. It can even be metal stamped before creating a custom bezel, giving you a truly unique setting.
  • Fine silver bezel wire is for creating custom bezels for cabochon stones, but the smooth bezel wire can also be metal stamped and then riveted, stitched or soldered to a sturdy backing. The serrated bezel wire helps you get a good strong hold, especially on irregular-shaped stones. Just be sure to burnish it down nice and smooth so it doesn't snag on clothing and threads.
  • For precise 90-degree cuts, see Jay Whaley's Bezel shear!

Our precious metal wire is sold by the troy ounce (ozt). The number of feet per ozt varies depending on wire gauge (thickness). Click into a product's details to see the feet per ozt for that gauge.

Did you arrive at this page during a Sale? Please note: Precious metal wire and sheet are excluded from sale discounts and coupons.

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