Colored Copper-Core Wire

Permanently-colored copper-core Artistic Wire from 30-gauge to 12-guage in dozens of colors plus antique copper and tarnish-resistant vintage bronze color wire from thin 28-gauge to heavy 12-gauge. Round, dead soft heavy gauges and half-hard thinner gauges. Wholesale pricing, fast shipping.

Choose from dozens of colors and sizes of Artistic Wire, the hugely popular permanently colored copper wire. Artistic Wire is perfect for making wrapped, strung, and lashed wire jewelry.

Or, choose antiqued copper wire and tarnish-resistant vintage bronze color wire (over a copper core) for their lovely warm hues and the option of dead-soft heavy gauge wire or half-hard thinner gauges of wire.

To avoid damaging the surface layer of these popular copper-core jewelry and craft wires, use nylon-jaw pliers, or dip your tool tips in Tool Magic.
Need a little help getting started? See Wire Jewelry 101.

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