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Artistic Wire

Artistic Wire Copper Jewelry Wire, 26ga, 90ft - Black (Each)

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Artistic Wire Copper Jewelry Wire, 26ga, 90ft - Black (Each)
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This chart by Beadalon shows the relative hardnesses of Artistic Wire and other popular types of wire, from dead soft to full hard:

Beadalon Wire Hardness Chart

Confused about wire gauges and wire hardnesses?
Try our Wire 101 page for definitions and comparisons.

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26-gauge, 30-yd
26 ga (0.41mm)
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Artistic Wire

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    making earrings

    Posted by Karen on Apr 24th 2022

    trying to make black earrings the girl on the tutorial used 2 sizes of metal, can't find tutorial. Do you guys know what 2 types were used, 2ndly something else why would you used German medium, lastly, another video used flat on one side and regular (whatever she was using), she used a different wire for making loops, tell me please what size and type wire was she using? Thank you in advance, FairyMaiden[R & T reply: Hi FairyMaiden, we've sent you an email asking what tutorial / pair of earrings / video(s) you're working from, because we are stumped on those parts of your question. However, we believe we can answer your 'German medium' question: German-Style wire is near the middle of the scale of wire hardness. It falls just to the left of Half-Hard, so it's a bit easier to shape, than half-hard sterling silver wire, and quite a bit softer than 316L Stainless wire, but it's harder than copper-core Artistic Wire, which is dead-soft.]