Gold-filled jewelry components are made by bonding a layer of gold alloy to a base metal, usually brass or copper. The resulting material has the appearance and durability of solid gold, but at a fraction of the cost.

To be considered "gold-filled," the layer of gold alloy must be at least 5% of the total weight of the item. This means that a gold-filled item will have a much thicker layer of gold than a gold-plated item, which only has a thin coating of gold over a base metal.

Gold-filled jewelry is also more durable than gold-plated jewelry. Since the gold layer in gold-filled jewelry is bonded to the base metal, it will not flake, chip, or wear off over time. Gold-filled jewelry can last for decades or even a lifetime with proper care.

In summary, gold-filled jewelry is a cost-effective and durable alternative to solid gold. By using high-quality gold-filled components in your jewelry designs, you can create beautiful and long-lasting pieces that will delight your customers for years to come.