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4mm Diamond Cut Round Gemstone Bead - Golden Sunstone AA - Color Banded (strand)

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4mm Diamond Cut Round Gemstone Bead - Golden Sunstone AA - Color Banded (strand)
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Sunstone beads consist of feldspar crystals that were formed in molten lava, then discharged onto the surface of the earth by volcanic eruptions. As the lava weathers away or is broken up, the crystals are released. This semiprecious gemstone is also known as aventurine orthoclase, heliolite, or aventurine feldspar, and it varies in color from golden to orange to red-brown.
Sunstone beads can be transparent or translucent, and can provide metallic glints due to sparkling inclusions. These semiprecious beads are believed to strengthen life force, bring luck, instill optimism, and increase vitality. Sunstone is also thought to bring luck and romance to the wearer, and is believed to help liver and kidney health. Red and brown shades of Sunstone are believed to activate the root chakra, and gold and orange shades are identified with the sacral chakra.

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92-112 beads, 15-16" strand
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