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Blue Apatite AAA 8mm Round Gemstone Beads (strand)

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The name apatite is quite appropriate, considering this mineral makes up the teeth in all vertebrate animals (and teeth are used to satisfy one's appetite!). In fact, it comprises more than 60% of the bones and teeth in humans, fish, birds, cows, and even mammoths and dinosaurs. Apatite is a calcium phosphate that is typically green, but also can be blue, yellow, reddish-brown, violet, yellow-green ("asparagus stone"), colorless or multicolored. Its name comes from the Greek word apate, meaning "to deceive," as apatite is deceivingly similar to more-valuable minerals like olivine, beryl, peridot and topaz. Apatite is actually three different minerals, depending on the predominance of either fluorine, chlorine or the hydroxyl group. These minerals are therefore called fluorapatite, chlorapatite and hydroxylapatite. However, since it is difficult to distinguish among them, they are usually classified as a single mineral. The majority of apatite on the market is fluorapatite, the most common member.
Apatite precipitates (condenses) very rapidly, forming tiny crystals that replace the muscles, blood vessels and other tissues in ancient animals. Its small crystal size means apatite can preserve delicate details of the fossilized animals' structure, providing a wealth of information for researchers. This corresponds nicely with metaphysical theory, which holds that apatite can stimulate the thoughts and ideas, and help people maintain focus, learn, concentrate effectively and think clearly. Psychics use the stone to open the third eye and bring revelations closer. Many also say it brings love, harmony and peace. Healers say it is helpful for fighting viruses and controlling weight gain.

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45-55 beads, 15-16" strand
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Smooth (Not Faceted)
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8.0 - 9.9mm

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