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Crafted Findings

Crafted Findings Brass Eyelet, 3/32" Dia x 1/8" Long (fifty)

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These eyelets and the Crafted Findings riveting tools are designed to be used together. Crafted Findings tools are excellent, and can help you quickly achieve a clean look and very secure join in your riveted multi-layer metal jewelry or small mixed media projects.

These eyelets can also be used without Crafted Findings' tools, with just a jewelry-sized ball pein or riveting hammer, and a few common tools. These eyelets are already cut to length, so they save you a lot of time over making your own eyelets from tubing.

Not sure how to set eyelets, or which rivets and eyelets are best for your purposes? See Riveting 101 -- It explains just about everything you need to know, so you can get started making riveted metal or leather jewelry, or other small riveted artworks.

What Length Eyelets to Order:

The ideal Crafted Findings eyelet length is approximately 1.5mm (about 1/16") longer than the total thickness of the pieces you are riveting. If in doubt (textured metal, imprecise measurements, etc.), it's safest to use an eyelet that is a bit too long. Eyelet assortments are a great way to get started, then follow up by ordering specific lengths as needed.

See the Crafted Findings Riveting Size Chart for size guidelines in both millimeters and inches.

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Crafted Findings

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