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Heavy-Duty Flush Cutter, 5.5" (Each)

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Cutting and Crimping
Information and Safety Note

Note: These cutters and pliers may or may not have springs. Some are pictured with springs, others are pictured without, but unless the description of the item specifically mentions springs, actual stock will vary.

When cutting or crimping, please take standard tool safety precautions: In case of flying pieces, wear safety glasses or goggles.

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Flush Cutter
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Vinyl Grip
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Product Reviews

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    Thank you

    Again, these were recommended in the listing for memory wire I was looking at, and I am so glad they did that. I knew I had to purchase different cutters when I decided to work with memory wire, but the item number suggestion right in the memory wire listing made it almost impossible for me to screw up!! This is HUGE for me!!!

  • 3

    flush cutters....

    I have been using these cutters for several months now. Purchased them for the exact purpose of cutting wire up close to other findings, thus leaving no "tail". These cutters seem to cut much better in the middle of the blades, but are much less precise if you try to cut using just the tips of the blades. Upon close examination it appears that the rivet on the cutters was a bit out of flush, therefore a slight but nonetheless irregular "wobble" resulting in a cut that's not clean. My personal solution was to tighten the bolt with a hammer careful not to hit too hard. One last comment would be that I sure wish the handles on these cutters were just a bit longer. This would help with precision.

  • 5

    Great cutting , great price

    I purchased these pliers a few weeks ago, and I'm really happy I did. I've been wanting flush cutters for awhile now, and this is the first pair I've found for under $50 that were listed as being able to cut 20 gauge wire. The cutting action is nice and smooth, and required less hand force than my standard cutters do for the same wire. When cutting multiple lengths of wire for a project, it's nice to have a pair of cutters that don't wear my hands out as fast. The only thing I found I wasn't as happy with, is it's harder to cut wire really close to something I'm working on. Though it those cases, the wire is wrapped/tucked in a way that it doesn't matter to much if the cut is flush. I wrote a longer review on my blog awhile back: