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EURO TOOL Metal Punch, Two Hole (Each)

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EURO TOOL Metal Punch, Two Hole (Each)
EURO TOOL Metal Punch, Two Hole (Each)
EURO TOOL Metal Punch, Two Hole (Each)

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  1. Put a dot where you want the hole. (Sharpie and other permanent markers work great.)
  2. Slide piece, dot side down, into the appropriate end of the tool.
  3. Look in hole on bottom of tool to center your dot.
  4. Turn screw clockwise, while holding your piece firmly to prevent scratches.
  5. When a tiny circle falls out of the bottom, you've punched your hole.
  6. Release by unscrewing until your punched piece falls off on its own - do not pull your punched piece off!

Important: Step #6 helps prevent breakage. If you pull the punched piece off, you are likely to bend the post. Even a slight bend weakens it for future punches, and you could end up breaking it on something unexpected.

Replacement parts are available: #69-235-RS.

The set of replacement punches is delightfully inexpensive... If you are likely to punch things outside the recommended list, or you sometimes pull the punched piece off before it falls off on its own, we recommend you purchase replacement pieces in advance. Although this tool is not rated for items thicker than 24-gauge, we regularly use it on 20-gauge soft metals, and regularly punch pennies and quarters, too, but have only broken the replacement punches on found objects of unknown composition (probably steel). It's not guaranteed for these heavier materials, but it works great!

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