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EURO TOOL Pin Vise (each)

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    Handy tool

    A very useful tool, so far I've used it with 22 and 20 gauge wire. It was a bit tricky getting the 20 gauge into the tool, but I managed. I found that it was easy to create neat wire twists with the pin vise, with little strain on my hands. (Working with copper wire so far). For the twisting, I found that the nylon jaw pliers work well with the pin vise. I first secured the ends into the vise. Then I slid the pliers down the wires to make sure they were even against each other. The next step was to clamp down on the ends in the jaws of the pliers. I also found that it helps to bend the wires over the far side of the pliers jaws, in a nice right angle. When I first was twisting wires together, they slid around in the pliers. Bending them helped keep them in place. I blogged about a few things I made with the pin vise here -

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