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EURO TOOL Silver Paste Solder, Soft (Each)

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    Paste solder tips from Ganoksin

    Posted by Russ Nobbs (R&T Founder) on Dec 9th 2020

    SECRET INGREDIENT Those of us who use paste solders sometimes find an old tube has dried out. There should be some way to recondition it, but what to use? Calling tech support at the suppliers didn't work for me. Either they don't know what the ingredient is or won't tell you the secret. None of us likes to waste an expensive material - $16 - 20 a tube, so I've often experimented with ways to rejuvenate it. Mixing in a liquid flux doesn't work. When the liquid starts to boil off, it spatters the solder in all directions. But after several failed experiments I finally found a way that does work. My secret ingredient is petroleum jelly. Mix in just enough to restore the consistency to something that's usable. If you use too much, the lump of solder will flow over a wide area as soon as the torch starts heating it. If your solder is in a syringe, it can be a little difficult to get the plunger out. I find the easiest way is to poke a hole through the solder from the tip to the rubber plunger (a bur shaft was the right size for my tube). The hole allows air to enter between the solder and the plunger, allowing the plunger to be slowly withdrawn. Once the solder is out of tube, you can easily add the vaseline, mix it up, and spoon it back into the syringe. From