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Matte Sodalite Gemstone Beads, 8mm Rondelle with Large Hole (strand)

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Sodalite Beads and Pendants

Also known as Canadian blue stone and Canadian lapis, sodalite beads and pendants are characterized by an intense dark blue hue with white and sometimes yellow streaks.
Sodalite consists of a sodium aluminum chlorine silicate that is almost identical in composition to lapis lazuli. Sodalite is a member of the feldspathoid group, meaning it has a similar chemistry to feldspar except for its poor silica content. The best way to clean sodalite jewelry components is in warm, soapy water. Never clean them in an ultrasonic machine. The gemstone fuses to a colorless glass in heat, and can be damaged by hydrochloric acid. Sodalite has been discovered in ancient tombs and ruins in various ornamental forms, often as a replacement for lapis lazuli. The gemstone is believed to provide soothing energies and help one see the wisdom of adopting a simpler, less hectic lifestyle.

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Large Hole, 36-44 beads, 8" strand
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Smooth (Not Faceted)
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