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Soft Flex

Soft Flex Extreme Flex Beading Wire, 0.014", 19 strand, 30' - Silver Plated (30 foot)

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Soft Flex Extreme Flex Beading Wire, 0.014", 19 strand, 30' - Silver Plated (30 foot)
Soft Flex Extreme Flex Beading Wire, 0.014", 19 strand, 30' - Silver Plated (30 foot)

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Soft Flex and Soft Touch Wire

Soft Flex Wire is a very flexible stainless steel cable with a nylon coating. It's a tiny version of the cables you see on suspension bridges. Soft Flex is constructed of 7, 21, or 49 micro woven stainless steel wires. Each diameter (.010", .014", .019", .024") is designed to handle certain levels of abrasion, everything from soft, lightweight materials like pearls and seed beads to larger and rougher materials like glass, minerals and metal.

No needle is required -- but here's the kicker -- you can knot it! You may not even know it's made of wire! Finish ends with crimp beads, crimp tubes, or knots. When knotting, use an 8-knot so there is no bend on either side.

Diameter  Recommended Use
.010" Peyote stitch and bead weaving
.014" Softer, less abrasive materials such as freshwater pearls and seed beads.
.019" Small to medium glass beads, Austrian crystals, silver, pewter and seed beads.
.024" Abrasive materials and designs that will meet excessive movement such as watchbands and bracelets. .024" diameter great for multi-strand designs, African beads and large stones.

Confused about this stringing material?
Although Soft Flex, Soft Touch and Beadalon are commonly called beading wire, each is actually a thin, flexible cable made of many woven wires. The result is a strong, user-friendly stringing material.

What is the difference between Soft Flex and Soft Touch?
Both styles have the same strength and durability, and both come in the 0.014", 0.019", and 0.024" diameters. Soft Touch is extra flexible, and is available in an additional diameter (0.010") for those who like to weave or stitch.

Soft Touch drapes more threadlike than Soft Flex. So, why use Soft Flex if Soft Touch has better drapability? Many people prefer a bolder, more wire-like look on their pieces and do not want the drape of Soft Touch. Also, Soft Flex comes in a large variety of colors.

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Soft Flex
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