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Silver Solder, Hard, Hard Grade, Sheet, 0.25oz (Each)

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Silver Solder, Hard, Hard Grade, Sheet, 0.25oz (Each)
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  • Silver and gold jewelry is assembled using hard solders and a torch. 
  • Hard solders are alloys of silver or gold that melt at lower temperatures than the sterling or gold karat alloys being used to make the piece of jewelry. Rings & Things carries silver solders.
  • Confusion sometimes arises because the lowest-temperature hard solder is sometimes called "soft" silver solder. (We prefer the term "easy flow" for this lowest temperature hard solder.) 
  • Hard solder comes in a number of grades. We carry three: "easy," "medium," and "hard."
    • Hard silver solder melts at around 1365°F
    • medium at around 1275°F
    • easy at around 1240°F.
  • Using these various grades, you can build a complex piece of jewelry starting with hard grade solder, then working down through the temperature ranges. This way the solder holding the first elements will not flow or move when the next pieces are added to the assembly using the lower-melting point solders.
  • To use the hard solders we carry, you also need flux and pickling solution, available separately.
  • FYI: the correct spelling is SOLDER, even though in most of the U.S., we pronounce it "sodder."
  • For mending costume jewelry, see soft solder.

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