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The Beadsmith

The BeadSmith Jewelry Pliers, Original 1-Step Looper, 1.5mm (Each)

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The BeadSmith Jewelry Pliers, Original 1-Step Looper, 1.5mm (Each)
The BeadSmith Jewelry Pliers, Original 1-Step Looper, 1.5mm (Each)
The BeadSmith Jewelry Pliers, Original 1-Step Looper, 1.5mm (Each)
The BeadSmith Jewelry Pliers, Original 1-Step Looper, 1.5mm (Each)
The BeadSmith Jewelry Pliers, Original 1-Step Looper, 1.5mm (Each)

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The BeadSmith Jewelry Pliers, Original 1-Step Looper, 1.5mm (Each)
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1.5mm Loops, 24-18 Gauge Wire
Looping & Mandrel Pliers
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The Beadsmith

Product Reviews

12 reviews Write a Review
  • 5

    The BeadSmith Pliers, 1-Step Looper

    Posted by Denis Picard on Oct 21st 2021

    I ordered a few times and I am very satisfied with the products and the smooth transaction.These pliers are very good quality and worth every penny. Thank you, Denis

  • 4

    I like it!

    Posted by Melissa Figueroa on Mar 21st 2021

    I was hesitant when I purchased this tool because of the some of the negative feedback from other customers however, I've learned that people will always find something to complain about. I like The BeadSmith Pliers ALOT! I was able to create a necklace in half the time I would have otherwise. Yes, there is a small space between bead and the eye pin closure I create with the pliers but it is nothing major especially after you get use to handling the pliers. There is a little bit of a learning curve but, isn't that part of the allure in creating jewelry? Happy customer! Thank you Rings & Things for making my days a bit easier.

  • 2

    Not Good for Loops on Beads

    Posted by Hilary Shank-Kuhl on Mar 20th 2021

    I was very disappointed in this tool. While the loops are usually consistent in size it NEVER puts the loop snug against the bead; there is ALWAYS a quite visible space between loop and bead of at least 1 mm or more. This gives a very unprofessional look If a studio assistant or student were to present me with loops like this, I'd have them redo every one. So using this tool doesn't save time because after you use it, you then have to spend time fiddling with the loop to move it tight against the bead, to close the loop and center it. It also has a very wide grip when open making it very uncomfortable to hold when inserting the wire. The one thing it's good for, and the reason I am keeping it, is to make eyepins. On a plain wire it gives a consistently sized and centered eye.

  • 4

    Good tool to have

    Posted by Tina Griffith on Mar 7th 2021

    This is a good product. There is a learning curve but I picked it up quickly. The only complaint is that I can't get the loop tight against the bead. Overall, I would recommend this for anyone who has problems making consistent loops with regular round-nose pliers, or if you just have a lot of them to make.

  • 5

    Time Saver

    Posted by John Cascella on Dec 12th 2020

    This tool has been a big time saver for me especially for when i have to make Rosaries, this tool cuts the time in half. It takes a little time to get it right but a little practice is all it takes. it also makes perfect eye pins. This tool is well worth the price. just give it a chance, you will be glad you did. I also use the Wubbers Loop Making Pliers too which is also a great tool, but when you need to do lots of loops, ex Rosary making, the 1-Step Looper is the one to use.... :)

  • 3

    not 'all that jazz'

    Posted by linda on Dec 3rd 2020

    I was super excited to try this product and while it's ok - it hasn't lived up to the hype, for me. i've noticed that the smaller the wire, the less likely it is to create a consistent loop. i also find myself closing most loops with my round nose plier. could be so much better and hope that future iterations will include a way to make different sized loops and a smaller grip b/c my hands are barely large enough to get good leverage on the wide grips.

  • 5

    Saves Time

    Posted by Melissa Pyles on Nov 23rd 2020

    Bought this a few weeks ago and have already saved myself an enormous amount of time creating loops. Works extremely well at making consistently round loops, but I have one suggestion... make sure your wire sits flush against the back of the tool. If it's away from the metal of the tool when looping, I've found that the wire slips and doesn't make a complete loop. Still easily fixed, but if you remember this tip to begin with you won't have this problem. I, like another review, wish there was another size up that makes bigger loops. That would solve ALL problems for me!

  • 5

    One Step Looper

    Posted by susan dorado on Nov 23rd 2020

    Saw this a few weeks ago, cannot wait to get it and try. Loops of the same size are difficult to make.

  • 5

    beadsmith looper pliers

    Posted by susan on Nov 21st 2020

    This tool is perfect if you are making any piece of jewelry that connects links. It is always so hard to get every loop the same size. I am buying for sure.

  • 5


    Posted by Polly (Rings & Things Staff) on Nov 20th 2020

    Hi Kristin, Yes - you can! Just start with 26-18 gauge wire, long enough for your beads plus 2 loops. Run one end of the wire up to the hole just like the video shows (only difference is you won't have any beads on your wire yet), and make the first loop, then add your bead(s), and make the other loop.