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Saw Frame, 4" with Screw (Each)

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How to insert jeweler's saw blades:

1. Loosen one screw and insert a single blade with the teeth pointing outward and down (toward the handle) between the layers of metal. Tighten screw. Tip: If the teeth are too fine to see, gently run your thumb along the blade to figure out which way to point the blade.
2. Adjust frame to appropriate length for your blade.
3. Loosen the other screw. Brace the handle of frame against your hip or ribs and push frame against a sturdy table or wall. The purpose is to slightly curve the frame ends toward each other. Insert blade and tighten screw. Release the pressure on the frame, and flick the blade. If it makes a high, taut "ping!" then it's good. If it makes a low, flat "thunk", try again.

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