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Beadalon Beading Wire, 7-Strand, 0.018", 1000ft - Spool - Bright Steel (Spool)

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What is Beadalon?

  • Durable, flexible, multistrand twisted wire cable with a smooth abrasion-resistant nylon coating.
  • Very easy to use - no needle required. Instead of knotting, finish the ends with crimp beads.
  • Kink resistant: the higher the strand count, the better the resistance. 7-strand is similar to other brands of tigertail but has a smoother coating, and 19-strand is even more supple than 7-strand. Beadalon 49 Strand is the softest and most flexible of all Beadalon varieties.
  • For best durability use the largest diameter that fits your beads, and the largest number of strands (7, 19 or 49) that fit your budget.
  • Beadalon does not stretch, even with heavy beads. Great for crystal necklaces, gemstones, handmade glass beads, delicate seed beads, freshwater pearls, and anything that you want to last for decades.
  • For help choosing the perfect size of crimp beads for each size of Beadalon, see Crimps & Cable Size Chart.

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1000 feet
Bright Steel
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United States
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