Choose from turquoise magnesite beads and additional colors of dyed magnesite for affordable semi precious beads. Magnesite has the same crystal structure as calcite. Its typically white color, porous composition, and low luster make this gemstone a good candidate for enhancement. Most magnesite on the market (including ours) is dyed and stabilized, and some of the more unusual shapes are most likely molded from a resin and magnesite mixture -- especially when they are inexpensive, and super consistent in shape. (This is a great way to use up crumbled left-overs from cutting other shapes, while creating shapes that would otherwise be difficult to mass produce.)

Turquoise magnesite (sometimes erroneously called chalk turquoise) makes a wonderful substitute for much-pricier genuine turquoise. Other colors of dyed magnesite work great in cowgirl jewelry, and include the descriptively named lime turquoise, white turquoise, marshmallow turquoise, Mojave green turquoise, and more.

For hundreds of years Native Americans, including the Pomo people of California, used magnesite beads as jewelry and currency. Magnesite's metaphysical properties are said to include assistance in creative visualizations, meditation, stimulating passion, lessening the symptoms of PMS, and strengthening bones.

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