April in Mind Tutorial

You might think that mixing these textures wouldn't work, but they look great together! As they move, the larger link shines, and the tiny link sparkles. The CZ charm WAS available in Jet + all 12 birthstone colors. Most colors are now limited-availability, but we'll keeping stocking everything the manufacturer still makes.

Created by: Veronica Greenwood

Designer Tips

  • Open the oval jump ring, add the 4mm CZ charm, next add the gold textured link, and finally add the sterling link.  Before closing the oval jump ring, add the end of the ear thread to attach.
  • For best way to open and close loops, see Jump Ring Hint in Jewelry Basics 101 (PDF).
  • These little oval jump rings are surprisingly tough for their size. To get a good grip and prevent marring, it helps to have 2 pairs of good chain-nose pliers.

  • Close jump ring and voila! One down, two to go. Repeat for second ear thread.
  • For the third set, which will be the pendant for the necklace, I added the middle link of the necklace chain to the oval jump ring before closing it. This makes the charms stationary on the necklace.
Some of these links get wiped out fast, but we have many similar textures and sizes... please click into the "Related Products" tab of any item to see lots more options!

Suggested Supplies

  • 1 each #46-590-14-042 4mm Cubic Zirconia Sterling Channel Charm - Diamond
  • 1 each #50-101-19-18 Sterling Silver Oval Cable Chain Necklace, 18", 2.2mm
  • 1 pair  #53-509-06  Sterling Silver Ear Thread, 3", Box and Cable Chain
  • 1 10-pack (use 3 pieces)  #37-215-230 Sterling Silver Jump Ring, Oval, 3.0x4.6mm
  • 3 each #44-050-76-60 12kt Gold-Filled Jewelry Link, Textured, Round, 10mm
  • 3 each #44-050-73-1 Sterling Silver Jewelry Link, Hammered Round, 15mm


Mar 31st 2021 Veronica Greenwood

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