Aqua Flower Crystal Earrings Tutorial

Learn to make these sweet gold-filled chain tassel and link/hoop earrings, featuring Swarovski Edelweiss pendants, with parts that have been tested to work together!

Created by: Tiffany White

Designer Tips

  • For best way to open and close jump rings, and step-by-step instructions on making wire wrapped loops, see Jewelry Basics 101 (PDF).
  • Attach one of the larger gold-filled jump rings to a Swarovski edelweiss pendant, and attach to a textured gold-filled link. Use another one of the larger gold-filled jump rings to attach the first jump ring to the bottom of an ear wire.
  • Cut the chain into segments for the tassels: four 3-link chain segments, four 5-link chain segments, and two 7-link chain segments.

  • Place a light turquoise Swarovski bicone onto each gold-filled head pin.
  • Finish the top of each head pin with a wire wrapped loop (see Jewelry Basics 101).
  • Set your tassel pieces in order: short-medium-long-medium-short, and then use a small jump ring to attach each tassel piece to the bottom of a textured link.
  • Repeat for other earring. For an illustrated version of these instructions, see Tiffany's blog article.

Suggested Supplies

  • 2 each#44-050-76-62 12kt Gold-Filled Jewelry Link, Textured, Round, 20mm
  • 2 each#06-748-14-10 Swarovski 6748 Edelweiss Pendant, 14mm - Aquamarine
  • 1 pair#34-669-03 TierraCast 14kt Gold-Filled French Hook, Hoop Style with Bead
  • 1 hundred [use 4] #37-391-459 14kt Gold-Filled Jump Ring, Round, 5.9mm
  • 2 tens [use 20] #37-391-240 14kt Gold-Filled Jump Ring, Round, 4mm
  • 1 ten#37-615 1/20, 12kt Gold-Filled Head Pin, 1-1/2", 0.025" Diameter
  • 1 dozen [use 10] #05-328-04-414 Swarovski 5328 Faceted XILION Bicone Beads, 4mm - Light Turquoise AB 2X
  • 1 foot [use approx. 10"] #40-693-14 1/20, 14kt Gold-Filled Drawn Cable Chain Spool, Footage


  • #69-291 Basic Jewelry Tool Kit
Mar 1st 2021 Tiffany White

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