Bubble Wand - Necklace Tutorial

Created by: Mollie Valente

Designer Tips

  • Cut a 10" piece of wire.
  • To straighten and harden the wire, run the length of the wire through the nylon pliers.
  • Use the ring mandrel to form a "bubble" loop (ours is size 9-1/2).
  • With the wire still on the mandrel, wrap a short coil to secure the round shape.
  • Cut off the excess tail on the coil. Straighten the handle shape.
  • Add beads to the handle in the pattern pictured or in your own pattern. End with the Opulence teardrop and a final "faceted" 3mm bead.
  • Use round-nose pliers to form a hanging loop with a 3mm inner diameter.
  • Optional: Use a chasing hammer and steel block to slightly flatten the bubble loop and hanging loop.
  • Optional: Texturing the bubble loop with a texturing hammer may help the bubble wand hold more soap, for larger bubbles.

  • Finish the necklace by threading the ball-chain necklace through the hanging loop and secure the clasp.
  • This Rings & Things blog post has instructions for forming a hoop (similar to the bubble loop) -- just don't clip off your beadable handle.
  • For instructions on making wrapped loops, see Jewelry Basics 101 (PDF).

Suggested Supplies

  • 1 hundred (use 6 pieces) #23-497-009 Czech Glass Bead, Firepolish, Faceted Rotund Rondelle, 7mm - 1/2 Luster - (Limited Stock)
  • 1 each #26-750-36-AG TierraCast Opulence Teardrop Bead - Antiqued Gold Plated
  • 1 4-ounce (use 8-10 inches) #47-205-20 Red Brass Jewelry Wire, 20ga, Round, 79'
  • 1 each #40-800-24-30-2 Brass Plated Semi-Finished Stainless Steel Ball Chain, 2.4mm
  • 1hundred (use 1 piece) #49-954-06-AG TierraCast Antiqued Gold Plated Beads, Cast, Beaded 6x2mm
  • 1 hundred (use 2 pieces) #26-150-32-2 Yellow Plated Metal Beads, Faceted, 3.2mm
Oct 31st 2021 Mollie Valente

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