Circles in the Sand Necklace Tutorial

Circles in the Sand Necklace Tutorial

This is a lovely summery design with secure wire-wrapped links, and can also double as  November birthstone jewelry (citrines) or June (pearls).

Created by: Veronica Greenwood


Designer Tips

  • Using a 12" piece of wire, wrap one 4mm citrine bead, one 4mm apatite, and one 4mm citrine around a section of the 26mm hammered link.
  • Using a jump ring, attach all three hammered rings to the center link of your chain.
  • For wire-wrapped loop instructions, and most secure way way to open and close jump rings, see Jewelry Basics 101 (PDF).
  • Counting out five links from your jump ring, cut your chain. Repeat on other side. Set aside your chain.
  • Cut a piece of wire (about 1.5"). Using round nose pliers, create a loop on one end of your wire and attach to one side of your piece of chain; finish wrapping loop. Slide on one 4mm citrine and finish off the second side of your wrapped loop. 
  • Need a closer look at the wrapped loops? See larger image here.
  • Repeat making linked wrapped loops with a pattern of one pearl, one apatite, one pearl, one citrine, one pearl, one apatite, one pearl and one citrine. Remember to attach them to the previous loop, before closing each new link. Attach the final loop to one end of the remaining chain.
  • Repeat for other side of necklace.

Suggested Supplies

  • 1 each  #44-050-76-81  12kt Gold-Filled Jewelry Link, Hammered Round, 15mm
  • 1 each  #44-050-73-83  Sterling Silver Jewelry Link, Hammered Round, 26mm
  • 1 each  #44-050-76-85  12kt Gold-Filled Jewelry Link, Hammered Round, 41mm
  • 1 each  #50-101-28-20  Sterling Silver Rollo Chain Necklace, 20"
  • 1 ten-pack (use 1 piece)  #37-295-460  Sterling Silver Jump Ring, Round - 6mm, 20.5-gauge
  • 1 strand  #21-007-0516-31  4mm Faceted Diamond Cut Coin Gemstone Bead, Apatite
  • 1 strand  #21-007-054-31  4mm Faceted Diamond Cut Coin Gemstone Bead, Citrine
  • 1 strand  #20-623  Freshwater Pearl Beads, 3mm - White
  • 1 ozt (use about 27")  #64-420-14  1/20, 14kt Gold-Filled Jewelry Wire, Round, 26ga, Half Hard


  • #69-056  EURO TOOL Side Flush Cutter
  • #69-275-03  Wubbers Chain-Nose Jewelry Making Pliers
  • #69-275-02  Wubbers Round-Nose Jewelry Making Pliers
Sep 30th 2021 Veronica Greenwood

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