Dragonfly Drop Earrings

Dragonfly Drop Earrings

Created by: PRESTIGE Crystal

Suggested Supplies

  • 1 #37-295-460 Sterling Silver Jump Ring, Round - 6mm, 20.5-gauge (10 Pieces)
  • 1 #34-569-04 TierraCast Sterling Silver Earring Hook with 2mm Bead (pair)
  • 1 #49-947-02-AS TierraCast Dragonfly Wing Beads - Antiqued Silver Plated (10 Pieces)
  • 1 #05-000-CIGR4 PRESTIGE 5000 4mm Faceted Round Citrus Green (12 Pieces)
  • 1 #05-328-CIGR3 PRESTIGE 5328 3mm Bicone Bead Citrus Green (24 Pieces)
  • 2 #06-106-CIGR16 PRESTIGE 6106 16mm Pear-Shaped Pendant Citrus Green
  • 1 #37-722-3 Silver Plated Eye Pin, 2", Standard (Pack)
  • 1 #05-810-LTU4 PRESTIGE 5810 4mm Round Crystal Pearl Crystal Iridescent Light Turquoise (100 Pieces)
  • 1 #05-810-LTU3 PRESTIGE 5810 3mm Round Crystal Pearl Crystal Iridescent Light Turquoise (100 Pieces)


  • 2 #69-269-03 EURO TOOL German Chain-Nose Jewelry Pliers, 4.5" (Each)
  • 1 #60-DVF0 The Beadsmith Jewelry Fine Round Nose Micro Pliers
  • 1 #60-R03D The Beadsmith Jewelry Wire Side Cutters, Nippers, Pliers

Designer Tips

  • New to jewelry-making? See Basic Jewelry-Making Technique Sheet (PDF) for instructions on making simple loops and opening jump rings.
  • You can use round nose pliers or wire looping pliers to make your simple wire loops for this project. Place the following beads onto an eye pin: 3mm bicone, 3mm pearl, 4mm round bead,4mm pearl, 4mm round bead, dragonfly wings, 3mm pearl. After the last bead, create a simple wire loop. Trim off any excess wire.
  • Open a jump ring and link onto it the 16mm pear-shaped pendant. Also link onto the jump ring the loop at the base of your dragonfly wing/bead segment. Close the jump ring.
  • Open the loop at the base of your earring hook, the same way you would open a jump ring, and link the top loop of the dragonfly wing/bead segment onto it. Close the loop back up.
  • Repeat steps 1 - 3 to make your matching earring. Enjoy!
Jun 9th 2023 PRESTIGE Crystal

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