Dulce Vida Crystal Bracelet Tutorial

Created by: Polly Nobbs-LaRue

Disclaimer: I can't take credit for this design -- I made it at TierraCast's Tucson 2019 Event, copied 93.6% from one of their examples. I love how many variations are possible, and how it sparkles in the Arizona sun!

Designer Tips

  • Glue crystal into 2-loop setting using Swarovski adhesive. Allow to dry.
  • Cut 2 pieces of 2mm leather, each 5 to 7" long. (5" pieces will give you a very petite bracelet; 6"" for an average wrist.)
  • Double a piece of cord, string through the button, add a barrel bead over both strands, and feed ends into a Jardin end cap. Flatten end cap with chain-nose or nylon-jaw pliers*.
  • Double the other cord, and string the barrel bead on, making a loop with enough room to fit easily over the button. Flatten end cap.
  • Verify fit and pattern before gently flattening barrel beads in place.

  • Use approximately 7mm oval jump rings to attach centerpiece to cord ends. For best way to open and close loops, see Jump Ring Hint in Jewelry Basics 101 (PDF).
  • For other color variations or similar styles of any of these components, click into that item's details.
*It's easier to flatten the end cap with metal chain-nose pliers, but you will slightly flatten the pattern, too. It's tougher to flatten the end cap and barrel beads with nylon-jaw pliers, but nylon-jaw pliers will protect the pattern. Another option is to use a thin piece of soft leather to protect the pattern.

Want more colors? No problem!
  • This button is available with clear crystals in 4 plating colors, or go for the empty frame setting (available in 4 plating colors) + over 70 colors of 34ss crystals to glue in!
  • The 2-loop empty cushion square frame setting is available in 3 plating colors, with over 70 cushion square crystal color options.

Suggested Supplies

  • 1 each #41-866-210-6 TierraCast Hammered 10mm Cushion Setting, 2 Loop - Antiqued Brass Plated
  • 2 each #48-070-01-AB TierraCast Jardin Crimp End Cap - Antiqued Brass Plated
  • 2 each #26-750-10-AB TierraCast Antiqued Brass Plated Jardin Barrel Beads
  • 1 each #59-100-44-AG TierraCast Button w/ Swarovski 34ss Crystal Flatback - Antiqued Gold Plated
  • 1 each #04-470-10-01 Swarovski 4470 Cushion Square Stone, 10mm - Crystal
  • 1 5-meter (use approx. 12") #61-132-05-02 Greek Leather Cord, 2mm, 5 Meter - Black
  • 1 100-pack (use 2 pieces) #37-190-01-6 TierraCast Antiqued Brass Plated Oval Jump Rings, 17-gauge
  • 1 each #60-215-100 Swarovski Adhesive, 9030 CG500


  • Chain-nose pliers (for flattening cord ends and barrel beads, plus for use with jump rings)
  • Round-nose pliers (for jump rings)
  • Optional: Nylon jaw pliers or thin soft leather
Other Supplies
  • Ruler

Mar 31st 2021 Polly Nobbs-LaRue

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