Fit for a Queen Ring Tutorial

Fit for a Queen Ring Tutorial

This simple project features crystal rivoli stones and 1-time adjustable ring blanks with a bezel setting.


Created by: Amy Mickelson


Steps to Make These Rings

  • While most colors of Swarovski crystal rivolis are gone, these settings work with most other major brands of 12mm and 14mm rivoli stones, including Preciosa and Matubo. To use one of the remaining colors of Swarovski rivolies, browse our full selection of 12mm & 14mm crystal rivoli stones.
  • Place the correct size of rivoli stone in the corresponding size of ring bezel setting.
  • Use chain-nose pliers or a burnishing tool to carefully press and fold down the crown points onto the rivoli.
  • TIP: Press down one crown point, then press down the point on the opposite side of the ring. This keeps the rivoli centered in the setting.
  • This ring adjusts to a variety of sizes, but is intended to only adjust one time and then be permanently locked in that size. Put the ring on and slide it to the correct finger size. To lock the ring to the desired size, fold the two tabs down on end of the ring shank.

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  • #69-271-03 EURO TOOL Glitter, Chain-Nose Pliers
Oct 31st 2021 Amy Mickelson

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