Foliage Necklace Tutorial


Created by: Rita Hutchinson


Designer Tips


  • Make 45 wire-wrapped loop dangles, each with a single crystal bicone. See Basic Jewelry-Making Technique Sheet (PDF)
  • Use a jump ring to connect sets of 5 wrapped loop crystal dangles to the chain.
  • Space the sets about 0.5" apart along the chain in desired locations.
  • Attach a leaf to one end of the chain. Run the other end of the chain through this leaf before attaching the other leaf.
  • By attaching sets of dangles above and below the chain when it passes through the upper leaf, you can "lock in" the length of the necklace when you wear this lariat-style necklace (see alternate image below).


Suggested Supplies


  • 1 spool [use 26"] #40-099-08-3  Silver Plated Curb Chain SPOOL, 2.8mm
  • 1 gross [use approximately 45 beads] #05-328-04-907 Crystal Jams™ Assortment, Faceted Bicone, 4mm - Limited Availability... try Preciosa crystal bicones in shades of green and gold, when the Crystal Jam is no longer available.
  • 1 pkg of 6 [use 2] #44-180-004-3 Filigree, Leaf, 65x37mm
  • 1 bag of 100 [use 45] #37-091-15-3 Head Pin, 1.5" (or longer), Thin 22-gauge, Silver Plate
  • 1 oz [use 11] #37-136-3 Jump Ring, Round, 5mm


  • #69-056 Tool, Side Flush Cutter
  • #69-275-09 Tool, Wubbers™, Bent Chain-Nose Pliers
  • #69-275-02 Tool, Wubbers™, Round-Nose Pliers
Mar 1st 2021 Rita Hutchinson

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