Serpentine   is a lovely green translucent, waxy silicate of magnesium. it is often mistaken for various types of jade, and some stones called "jade" are actually types of serpentine. A major difference between the two semi precious stones is that serpentine is softer and less dense than most real jade. Its name comes from the word "serpent," or snake, perhaps because of its mottled green colors and patterns that can resemble snakeskin. Most of serpentine's history is tied in with the history of jade, as the two were (and are) often confused.

Historically, serpentine was thought to protect the wearer from snake bites. Modern mystics say it has the power to restore self-confidence, dispel fear, enhance meditation, and balance female hormones. Serpentine is found in the British Isles, China, South Africa and the U.S.A.

Lizardite is one of the main varieties of semi precious serpentine. It's used as marble on buildings as well as used for making beads and jewelry. Sometimes called Russian serpentine, these lovely gemstone beads feature mottled shades of green with beautiful markings, courtesy of Mother Nature. This stone is not always available ... so get them while you can!

Sep 20th 2022 Rings & Things Staff

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