The official state gemstone of Maine, tourmaline is a complex crystalline silicate containing aluminum, boron and other elements. Its name derives from the Sinhalese (Sri Lankan) word tura mali, meaning "stone of mixed colors," and tourmaline is indeed found in blue (indicolite), yellow, pink to red (rubellite), black (schorl), green, dravite (brown) and clear (achroite) varieties. We usually carry black, pink, and multicolor tourmaline beads.

This semiprecious gemstone is piezoelectric (when it's heated, rubbed or pressurized the crystal gives it an electric charge). It is also pleochroic (looking darker from some angles than others). Protect tourmaline from scratches, sharp blows, and drastic temperature changes. Do not clean tourmaline in a home ultrasonic cleaner.

Tourmaline beads are said to dispel fear, negativity, and grief. Many say tourmaline induces tranquil sleep, calms nerves, regulates hormones, and fights genetic disorders.

Black tourmaline beads are also known as schorl beads. This semiprecious gemstone consists of a complex silicate of boron and aluminum. Some black tourmaline contains gold-colored inclusions caused by a variance in its makeup.

At first glance, this stone looks very much like black onyx. While black onyx is solidly opaque, close examination of black tourmaline shows a slight translucency and occasional inclusions.

It is said that black tourmaline dispels negative energy, bringing good luck to the bearer. If you rub the stone, it will become magnetically charged and this is believed to intensify your good luck. Black tourmaline can be found all around the world.

Pink and Multicolor Tourmaline Beads: Our multicolor tourmaline beads provide you with beautiful mixed strands of different colors of semiprecious tourmaline, usually in shades of pink, green, brown, tan and gray. Sometimes we have strands of just pink tourmaline. Pink tourmaline is one of October's birthstones.

Mixed tourmaline beads cut in India have a more organic, whimsical, and less polished appearance but often have better clarity and color. The tourmaline beads cut in China provide a more uniform shape, size and hole placement, but tend to be more opaque.

Feb 22nd 2023 Rings & Things Staff

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