How to use a Jewelers Saw

General instructions to install a blade in a jeweler's saw frame:

  • Loosen the nuts on the saw frame.
  • Slip one end of the blade into the fixture. Make sure the blade's teeth are pointing outwards and down. (Sort of like a Christmas tree.)
  • Tighten the nut, then apply pressure from the end of the saw so that the blade is guided into the other fixture. (A common method of applying pressure is to put the handle against your hip or ribs, and push the far end against a sturdy wall.)
  • Tighten the other nut. The blade should be very tight in the saw before you use it. (It should "ping!" not "thunk" when you test the tension.)

More tips in our blog (including readers' great Q & A at the end):

Dec 26th 2021 Rings & Things Staff

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