Interchangeable Constellation Bangle Bracelet Tutorial

Interchangeable Constellation Bangle Bracelet Tutorial

Create sparkling constellation jewelry in an hour, using minimal supplies and Swarovski Ceralun Ceramic Epoxy Clay, Crystal Clay, or your favorite epoxy clay.

This quick-change bracelet form allows you to change the focal piece as often as you like. For this project, we have selected two centerpieces.

Created by: Sondra Barrington

Designer Tips

  • Begin by choosing constellations from a preferred book or website, to use as reference.
  • For step-by-step instructions, see our blog article: Constellation Jewelry Using Ceralun Clay
  • You have some options for sizing this bracelet:
  • The Cuff Bracelet comes in 3 sizes, and there are also larger 2-Loop Bezel Connectors available.
  • Click into the details of any item below for alternate sizes / colors.

Suggested Supplies

  • 1 each  #51-743-3 Amate Studios Silver Plated Bracelet Component, Cuff, Large
  • Crystal Chatons in your choice of colors (to replace the out-of-production Swarovski crystal head pins)

For Solid Background in Rectangle Bezel:

  • 1 pack #82-210-20-291  Swarovski Ceralun Ceramic Epoxy (Crystal Clay) - Black
  • 1 dozen (use 3 pieces) #46-371-1-02  Swarovski AB/ Rhodium Plated Head Pin - Out of Production
  • 1 hundred (use 4) #37-091-10-3>37-091-10-3  Silver Plated Ball End Head Pin, Thin, 1"
  • 1 each #46-823-194-3  Amate Studios Silver Plated Bezel, Rectangle, 2 Loop, 19x15mm

For Swirled Background in Round Bezel:

  • 1 pack #82-210-20-296  Swarovski Ceralun Ceramic Epoxy (Crystal Clay) - Silver
  • 1 pack #82-210-20-23  Swarovski Ceralun Ceramic Epoxy (Crystal Clay) - Anthracite
  • 1 dozen (use 2 pieces) #46-372-1-18  Swarovski Sapphire/ Rhodium Plated Head Pin - Out of Production
  • 1 hundred (use 2) #37-091-10-3>37-091-10-3 Silver Plated Ball End Head Pin, Thin, 1"
  • 1 each #46-821-194-3  Amate Studios Silver Plated Bezel, Round, 2 Loop, 19mm


  • #65-040 Tweezers -- for placing headpins in clay
  • #63-622 Plastic Baggies -- for storage of leftover clay
  • #69-380 Wire Cutter -- to cut headpins
  • 2 pairs #69-271-3 -- Chain Nose Pliers to secure jump rings
  • #66-021 Hobby Knife -- to cut clay in equal portions
  • #69-657-M Nitrile Gloves-- one set for each color of clay, minimum
  • #69-351 Safety Glasses -- to shield eyes while cutting headpins

Other Supplies

  • Apron: To protect clothes
  • Moist Wipes: For smoothing clay and tidying up
  • Paper: A few sheets to protect your work area
  • Toothpicks/Skewers: For manipulating clay
  • Plastic Container with Lid: To cover pieces during curing
  • Alcohol Swabs: For cleaning bezels

Constellations pair well with crystals, birthstones and zodiac charms. Add a few to your finished jewelry design!

Oct 27th 2021 Sondra Barrington

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