Interchangeable Constellation Bangle Bracelet Tutorial

Create sparkling constellation jewelry in an hour, using minimal supplies and Swarovski Ceralun Ceramic Epoxy Clay, Crystal Clay, or your favorite epoxy clay.

This quick-change bracelet form allows you to change the focal piece as often as you like. For this project, we have selected two centerpieces.

Created by: Sondra Barrington

Designer Tips

  • Begin by choosing constellations from a preferred book or website, to use as reference.
  • For step-by-step instructions, see our blog article: Constellation Jewelry Using Ceralun Clay
  • You have some options for sizing this bracelet:
  • The Cuff Bracelet comes in 3 sizes, and there are also larger 2-Loop Bezel Connectors available.
  • Click into the details of any item below for alternate sizes / colors.

Suggested Supplies

  • 1 each  #51-743-3 Amate Studios Silver Plated Bracelet Component, Cuff, Large
  • Crystal Chatons in your choice of colors (to replace the out-of-production Swarovski crystal head pins)

For Solid Background in Rectangle Bezel:

  • 1 pack #82-210-20-291  Swarovski Ceralun Ceramic Epoxy (Crystal Clay) - Black
  • 1 dozen (use 3 pieces) #46-371-1-02  Swarovski AB/ Rhodium Plated Head Pin - Out of Production
  • 1 hundred (use 4) #37-091-10-3>37-091-10-3  Silver Plated Ball End Head Pin, Thin, 1"
  • 1 each #46-823-194-3  Amate Studios Silver Plated Bezel, Rectangle, 2 Loop, 19x15mm

For Swirled Background in Round Bezel:

  • 1 pack #82-210-20-296  Swarovski Ceralun Ceramic Epoxy (Crystal Clay) - Silver
  • 1 pack #82-210-20-23  Swarovski Ceralun Ceramic Epoxy (Crystal Clay) - Anthracite
  • 1 dozen (use 2 pieces) #46-372-1-18  Swarovski Sapphire/ Rhodium Plated Head Pin - Out of Production
  • 1 hundred (use 2) #37-091-10-3>37-091-10-3 Silver Plated Ball End Head Pin, Thin, 1"
  • 1 each #46-821-194-3  Amate Studios Silver Plated Bezel, Round, 2 Loop, 19mm


  • #65-040 Tweezers -- for placing headpins in clay
  • #63-622 Plastic Baggies -- for storage of leftover clay
  • #69-380 Wire Cutter -- to cut headpins
  • 2 pairs #69-271-3 -- Chain Nose Pliers to secure jump rings
  • #66-021 Hobby Knife -- to cut clay in equal portions
  • #69-657-M Nitrile Gloves-- one set for each color of clay, minimum
  • #69-351 Safety Glasses -- to shield eyes while cutting headpins

Other Supplies

  • Apron: To protect clothes
  • Moist Wipes: For smoothing clay and tidying up
  • Paper: A few sheets to protect your work area
  • Toothpicks/Skewers: For manipulating clay
  • Plastic Container with Lid: To cover pieces during curing
  • Alcohol Swabs: For cleaning bezels

Constellations pair well with crystals, birthstones and zodiac charms. Add a few to your finished jewelry design!

Oct 27th 2021 Sondra Barrington

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