Jet Scarab Copper Ring Tutorial

Jet Scarab Copper Ring Tutorial

Depending on the beads you use, this quick and easy unisex design can go from frilly and feminine to macho and masculine.


Created by: Michelle Horning


Designer Tips

  • For step-by-step instructions, see the Double Wrap Hammered Ring portion of our 2014 blog post on creating rustic hammered wire wrapped Swarovski crystal rings.
  • Putting a small bend in the wire on either side of the bead before attaching to the thicker gauge wire will help keep the bead in place.
  • Make sure the ends of the large gauge wire don't hang too far over, or they will catch on things and bend.
  • Copper can turn you green, but it's also believed to have anti-arthritic properties when worn directly on the skin. Other wire options include 14ga and 22ga sterling silver and .999 fine silver, or gold-filled and silver filled.
  • We don't really recommend plated wire, but it would be ok for a ring that is only worn occasionally. Shop all 14ga wire and 22ga wire.

Suggested Supplies

  • 1 each #05-728-12-24  Swarovski 5728 Scarab Bead, 12mm - Jet (Most Swarovski beads are no longer available. But this is a great design for roughly 4-10mm gemstone beads!)
  • pack #47-405-14 Copper Jewelry Wire, 14ga, Round, 20'
  • pack #47-405-22  Copper Jewelry Wire, 22ga, Round, 125' 



  • #69-157  Ring Sizers, Plastic
  • #69-291  side cutters, round-nose pliers, chain-nose pliers from: Tool Set, Zebra Stripe, Six-Piece Set
  • #69-151 Plastic Ring Mandrel, Ungrooved
  • #69-135 EURO TOOL Hammer, Ball Pein, 4oz
  • #69-125 Steel 4" Square Block
  • #69-330 Beadalon Pad for Bench Block
  • #69-252-01-2 EURO TOOL Flat File, 6", #2 Cut
  • #63-528 EURO TOOL Polishing Pads, Ultra, 2x2"
Oct 27th 2021 Michelle Horning

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