Little Sprout Necklace Tutorial

Created by: Mollie Valente

Designer Tips

  • For step-by-step illustrated instructions showing how to engrave the pendant, see Rings & Things blog post "Jewelry Making DIY – Make a Micro Engraved Pendant"
  • Next, assemble the necklace:
  • New to jewelry-making? See Basic Jewelry-Making Technique Sheet (PDF) for most secure method of opening and closing jump rings, and other basic jewelry-making information.
  • Attach a 6mm jump ring to the completed pendant's hanging hole.
  • Cut the ball chain to your desired length.
  • String the pendant onto the ball chain and position it at the mid-way point.
  • From each side of the necklace, string on 3 each large-hole beads (for a total of 6 beads).
  • Attach a clasp to one end of the necklace chain.
  • Connect the open end of the necklace chain to the clasp.

Suggested Supplies

  • 1 pair (use 1 blank) #88-102-23-0 Vintaj Natural Brass Blank, Rectangle with Hole
  • 2 feet (use 15"-to-24") #40-080-01-18-6 Antiqued Brass Plated Steel Ball Chain By The FOOT, 1.8mm
  • 2 each #40-801-6-EA Antiqued Brass Plated Ball Chain Clasp, 1.8-2.4mm
  • 1 ounce (use 1 piece) #37-145-6 Antiqued Brass Jump Ring, Round, 6mm
  • 1 hundreds (use 6 beads) #26-114-0 Brass Metal Beads, 5x5mm Barrel, Large Hole


  • #69-198 Micro Engraver
  • #86-160-001 StazOn Ink Pad
  • #69-118 Rubber Bench Block, 4x4x1"
  • #63-537 EURO TOOL Polishing Cloth, Brilliant
  • #63-528 EURO TOOL Polishing Pads, Ultra, 2×2"
  • #69-275-58 Baby Wubbers Flat-Nose Jewelry Making Pliers
  • #69-275-53 Baby Wubbers Chain-Nose Jewelry Making Pliers
  • #69-056 EURO TOOL Side Flush Cutter

Additional Supplies

  • rubber stamps from the craft store (stamps with a simple line drawing work best)
  • low-tack masking tape
  • isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol (for ink cleanup)
  • paper towel (for ink cleanup)
Feb 22nd 2023 Mollie Valente

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