Modern Art Earrings Tutorial

Created by: Summer Melaas

Designer Tips

  • Stretch and wax 2 yards of thread. Add a spare seed bead (stopper bead) about 2" into the thread.
  • Stitch an edging stitch on one side of the GF square, following the pattern.
  • Do not cut. Exiting from the end of the edging, continue following the pattern, one fringe at a time. At the bottom of each fringe, skip over the last bead, and run your needle and thread back up the fringe (see example). Move needle and thread over to the next bead, for next fringe.
  • Pull taught but not too tight. You want your fringe supple and free moving.
  • When you finish the last fringe, tie a small knot between 2 beads. Run your needle and thread through a few more beads, and tie another small knot. Avoid pulling too tight. Run thread thru a few more beads, trim excess.

  • Cut about 2" of wire, and find the center. Make a loop with your round nose pliers.
  • Carefully center wire on the square link (opposite side of the fringe). See inset image: Wrap each end of wire 2 times around the top of the square. Using your chain nose plier, pinch your wrapped wire tight to the link for extra security.
  • Twist open the bottom loop of the ear wire, attach to loop, and close the loop on the ear wire.
  • Fringe may not be super even as the seed beads used may have a slight variance in size.
  • You'll have plenty of leftover seed beads of each color, for a variety of other projects.

Suggested Supplies

  • 1 tube #20-111-506 TOHO Glass Bead, Size 11 (2.1mm), Higher-Metallic June Bug
  • 1 tube #20-111-1201 TOHO Glass Bead, Size 11 (2.1mm), Marbled Opaque Beige/ Pink
  • 1 tube #20-111-326 TOHO Glass Bead, Size 11 (2.1mm), Gold-Lustered Orion
  • 1 tube #20-111-514 TOHO Glass Bead, Size 11 (2.1mm), Higher-Metallic Gypsy Gold
  • 1 tube #20-111-706 TOHO Glass Bead, Size 11 (2.1mm), Matte Iris-Teal
  • 1 ozt (use 4") #64-428-14 1/20, 14kt Gold-Filled Jewelry Wire, Round, 22ga, Half Hard
  • 2 each #44-050-75-83 12kt Gold-Filled Jewelry Link, Square, 21mm
  • 1 dozen (use 1 pair) #34-663-20 TierraCast 14kt Gold-Filled French Hook Earring Wires, Plain
  • 1 spool (use about 2 yards) #61-004 One-G TOHO Nylon Beading Thread, 50 yards, Beige
  • 1 each #69-022 Beeswax or other Thread Conditioner


  • #65-000-12 Size 12 Beading Needle
  • #65-373 or #69-292 Basic Jewelry Making Tools (round-nose pliers, wire cutters, thread cutter or scissors, chain-nose pliers)
Sep 30th 2021 Summer Melaas

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