Moonlit Walk Ear Threads Tutorial

Created by: Veronica Greenwood

Designer Tips

  • This design uses some of the palest sunstone beads on the mixed strand, but the color choices are up to you!
  • Put one sunstone bead on your head pin. Using a wrapped loop attach your loop to the second link down on the chain of your ear thread. Finish wrapping your loop.
  • New to jewelry-making? See Basic Jewelry-Making Technique Sheet (PDF) for step-by-step instructions on making wire-wrapped loops.
  • Repeat this step four more times attaching your loops to every other link of chain (links 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10).
  • Using your jump ring, attach your charm to the bottom link of your chain.
  • Optional: Add a pair of wire keepers to the posts. Wire keepers aren't required for threader earrings, but they are nice because they make your earrings a bit more secure, plus help keep longer ear threads locked in place at your desired length. They're also great for keeping ear threads secure on earring cards in your display case or while on the road.

Suggested Supplies

  • 1 strand (use 10 beads)  #21-463-894  3mm Diamond Cut Round Gemstone Bead, Golden Sunstone AA - Color Banded
  • 2 each #21-342-66-045  Rainbow Moonstone/ Sterling Silver Charm, Navette Cabochon
  • 1 pair   #53-509-06  Sterling Silver Ear Thread, 3", Box and Cable Chain
  • 1 10-pack (use 2 pieces)   #37-295-240  Sterling Silver Jump Ring, Round - 4mm, 22-gauge
  • 1 10-pack   #37-507  Sterling Silver Head Pin, 1", 0.020" Diameter

Optional Wire "Keepers" (2 styles shown):

  • 1 144-pack (use 2 pieces)   #33-961  Clear Rubber Earring Backs, Wire Keeper
  • 2 each   #24-980-75-03  Sterling Silver 4mm Round Bead, Silicone-Lined


Feb 22nd 2023 Veronica Greenwood

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