Noble Fir Necklace Tutorial

Noble Fir Necklace Tutorial

Created by: Mollie Valente

Designer Tips

  • Create a COPPRclay™ pendant following the manufacturer's guidelines included with the clay and your kiln.
  • Mollie made her own pattern sheet by taking a piece of textured wallpaper and punching a branch design in it.
  • Pre-roll your clay to 8-card thickness, and then lay the paper beneath and roll again to 6 card thickness.
  • Remove paper, and cut to the desired shape (Mollie cut an oval), then create a hole for hanging the pendant.
  • Allow the piece to fully dry, and sand as needed before firing. Once fired, patina and polish if desired.
  • Add the hook to the pendant; this serves as a curly bail.
  • String the suede lace through the hook bail. Cut cording to desired finished length.
    • String the beads as shown: copper-twist bead, Calypso bead, and copper-twist bead.
    • Finish the cord ends with center-crimp loops, then use double jump rings to attach the toggle clasp.
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    Suggested Supplies

    • 2 ea #26-813-300 Bead, Copper, Ring, Triple Twist (Limited Stock) (Antiqued Copper)
    • 2 ea #41-151-99-30-8 Center-Crimp Tube with Loop, 2.8mm I.D. (Copper Plated)
    • 1 gross [use 1] #39-293-7 Clasp, Hook and Eye (Antiqued Copper Plated)
    • 1 ea #39-152-10-AC Clasp, Toggle, Heirloom (Antiqued Copper Plated)
    • 1 ea #87-100 COPPRclay™, Combo Pack (Copper)
    • 1 spool [use 22"] #61-693-12 Cord, Suede Lace, 3mm (Medium Brown)
    • 1 oz [use 4] #37-136-7 Jump Ring, Round, 5mm (Antiqued Copper Plated)
    • 1 ea #86-343 Win-Ox™, 3 oz. Bottle


    • #69-275-53 Tool, Baby Wubbers™, Chain-Nose Pliers
    • #69-275-58 Tool, Baby Wubbers™, Flat-Nose Pliers
    • #69-043 Tool, Scissors, Extra-Large Loop (Stainless Steel)
    Additional Supplies
    • A kiln appropriate for firing copper clay
    • Metal clay tools dedicated for use with copper clay
    • Textured wallpaper (from home improvement center)
    • Branch-shaped paper punch (from Martha Stewart)
    • Large hole metal-core glass bead from designer's stash
Sep 30th 2021 Mollie Valente

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