Ode to Bajor Ear Cuff Tutorial

Ode to Bajor Ear Cuff Tutorial

Created by: Amy Mickelson

Designer Tips

  • Cut chain pieces to desired length.
  • Slip the chain ends under the last rhinestone links on each end of the rhinestone chain, and use chain-nose pliers to fold the prongs over the edges of the stones.
  • Use oval jump rings to attach the chain to the ear cuff and loop on ball post.
  • New to jewelry-making? For most secure way to open and close jump rings, see: Basic Jewelry-Making Technique Sheet (PDF)




Suggested Supplies

  • 1 0.5 gross [use 1] #31-946-1 Ball Post with Loop, 6mm Half Ball
  • 1 1 spool [use 6.75"] #40-099-29-9 Chain, Footage, Flattened Cable, 2.8mm
  • 1 pkg of 10 [use 2] #46-339-40-9 Chain End, for #46-349-40
  • 1 dozen [use 1] #30-462-1 Ear Cuff, 6mm, Plain
  • 1 meter [use 4.25"] #46-349-30-042-9 Glass Rhinestone Chain, 3mm
  • 1 ounce [use 2] #37-123-9 Jump Ring, Oval, 3x4mm
  • 1 gross [use 1] #33-074-1 Anodized Aluminum & Bronze Earring Backs, Mechanical Grip (not shown)




Jan 1st 2022 Amy Mickelson

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