Oval Constellation Pendant Tutorial

Oval Constellation Pendant Tutorial

Make this constellation pendant with crystal head pins and ball-end head pins for different sizes of stars, using Swarovski Ceralun Ceramic Epoxy Clay.

Created by: Sondra Barrington

Designer Tips

  • Begin by choosing a constellation from a preferred book or website, to use as reference.
  • Read our blog article:Ceralun Constellation Jewelry for step-by-step instructions on how to set head pins, swirl clay and more.
  • You can make a larger (or more delicate) necklace by selecting a different bezel cup and crystal pendant. (links below)
  • For tips on wrapping the Double Spike Bead, see Jewelry Basics 101 (PDF).

Suggested Supplies

  • 1 dozen (use 3 pieces) #46-372-1-169 Swarovski Vintage Rose/ Rhodium Plated Head Pin - Out of Production
  • 1 dozen (use 1 piece) #46-372-1-08 Swarovski Amethyst/ Rhodium Plated Head Pin - Out of Production
  • Crystal Chatons in your choice of colors (to replace the out-of-production Swarovski crystal head pins)
  • 1 100-pack (use 8 pieces) #37-091-10-3 Silver Plated Ball End Head Pin, Thin, 1"
  • 1 pack #82-210-20-296 Swarovski Ceralun Ceramic Epoxy (Crystal Clay) - Silver
  • 1 pack #82-210-20-523 Swarovski Ceralun Ceramic Epoxy (Crystal Clay) - Anthracite
  • 1 pack #82-210-20-295 Swarovski Ceralun Ceramic Epoxy (Crystal Clay) - Gold
  • 1 each #46-822-294-3 Amate Studios Silver Plated Bezel, Oval, 2 Loop, 29x20mm
  • 1 each #40-800-24-30-0 Semi-Finished Stainless Steel Ball Chain, 2.4mm
  • 1 100-pack (use 1 piece) #37-175-3 TierraCast Silver Plated Round Jump Rings, 7.6mm, 16-gauge
  • 1 each #06-565-22-622 Swarovski 6565 Metallic Cap Pear Pendant, 22mm - Tanzanite Light Chrome
  • 1 each #41-120-06-3 JBB Findings Silver Plated Pinch Bail (Prong Bail), Plain, Loop
  • 1 each #05-747-12-150 Swarovski 5747 Double Spike Bead, 12mm - Golden Shadow
  • 1 pack (use about 3") #46-452-21 Artistic Wire Silver Plated Copper Jewelry Wire, 22ga, 30ft


  • #65-040 EURO TOOL Beading Tweezers (for placing head pins in clay)
  • #63-622 Plastic baggies for storage of leftover clay
  • #69-271-99 Basic Jewelry Tool Set
  • #66-021 Hobby Knife (to cut clay in equal portions)
  • #69-657-M Nitrile gloves, one set for each color of clay, minimum
  • #69-351 Safety glasses (to shield eyes while cutting head pins)
Other Supplies
  • Apron: to protect clothes
  • Moist Wipes: for smoothing clay and tidying up
  • Paper: a few sheets to protect your work area
  • Toothpicks / skewers: for manipulating clay
  • Plastic container with lid: to cover pieces during curing
  • Alcohol swabs: for cleaning bezels

Constellations pair well with crystals, birthstones and zodiac charms. Customize the swirled background by selecting other clay colors.
Jun 30th 2021 Sondra Barrington

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