Simple Elegance Earrings Tutorial

Created by: Summer Melaas


Designer Tips

  • Open loop at bottom of ear wire. For best way to open and close loops, see Jump Ring Hint in Jewelry Basics 101 (PDF),
  • Slide one connector onto the ear wire, making sure the right side is showing. There is a front and back; the back is flat and the front is domed.
  • Connect next connector with a jump ring, repeat for one more connector.
  • Connect drop to the bottom connector with a jump ring.
  • Repeat for other earring.

Wear and enjoy ... Could it get any simpler!?!?

Suggested Supplies

  • 1 pair #34-644-14-042 4mm Cubic Zirconia Bezel Set Gold-Filled Earwire - Diamond
  • 6 each #46-690-24-042 Cubic Zirconia 2-Loop 4mm Gold-Filled Channel Connector - Diamond
  • 2 each #46-690-14-042 Cubic Zirconia 4mm Gold-Filled Channel Charm - Diamond
  • 1 50-pack (use 6 pieces) #37-391-135 Gold-Filled Jump Ring, Round - 3mm, 24-gauge


  • 2 pairs of jewelry pliers: Chain-nose pliers help prevent dents in your wire. Bent chain-nose pliers can help you see what you're doing, and give you greater control.
Mar 31st 2021 Summer Melaas

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