Starry Night - Constellation Jewelry

Created by: Summer Melaas

So many options for Constellation necklaces!
  1. Pick your favorite blank (something thick, like 16-gauge).
  2. Find a constellation that you like. For a good star map, search the web, visit a library, dig out old astronomy books from the basement or attic...
  3. Choose a color of chaton (crystal rhinestone) for the stars: classic clear, iridescent aurora borealis, a birthstone or a favorite color (links below).
    • It's easiest if you use just the smallest size, but you can also mix sizes if you make a few wider divots.
  4. Choose pendant style: smooth or textured, bright or antiqued.
    Follow appropriate instructions below, or at our DIY CONSTELLATION JEWELRY blog article (where you can post questions!).
  5. Create a necklace with linked or strung beads, or simply use a pre-made chain.

Directions for basic smooth pendants:

  • Find a constellation that you like.
  • Take a small black Sharpie and eyeball where the dots need to be placed on the pendant. (If you mess up, take a wet wipe and wipe the marker off. Start over.)
  • If using the automatic punch, place the pendant on a metal block. Place punch over one of the marks, click down once. For a deeper hole click down twice.
  • If using the regular center punch, place the pendant on a metal block. Place the punch over one of the marks, and using a brass hammer, hammer down. Be careful as these are sharper and can be punched all the way through the metal!
  • Repeat until all marks are punched.
  • Pick out the smallest crystal chatons from your chosen color. Add a little glue in the hole, and place -- with small tweezers -- a small chaton. (Do one hole at a time as the glue dries really fast.)
  • Repeat until all stones are in!
  • Make a necklace or use a jump ring and a premade chain to hang your pendant.
    (In our examples, we antiqued the sterling Satellite chain with Novacan, and buffed the beads out to bring the sparkle back.) For best way to open and close jump rings, see Jump Ring Hint in Jewelry Basics 101 (PDF)
To make a necklace:
  • Using 24-gauge wire, create and connect a series of beaded simple loops or wire wrapped loops (see Instructions for both in a href="/content/pdf/jewelry_instructions.pdf" target"_blank">Jewelry Basics 101 PDF). Make the necklace long enough to go over your head, or use jump rings to add your favorite clasp.
  • Or, string a necklace on bead cord or stringing cable: See Jewelry Basics 101 for basic instructions.
    Choose from Gemstone Beads | Birthstones | Crystal Beads | Trade Beads | More Beads
For Hammered-Edge Pendants
  • Before any other steps, gently hammer the edges of the pendant with the ball pein (rounded) part of the hammer.
  • If desired, also gently texture the interior of the pendant. Note: Texturing the interior can make it a little more difficult to perfectly place the stars.
  • Buff with the polishing pad to bring out the shine. Be careful on plated colors, as you do not want to overpolish the finish off.
For Antiqued Pendants
  • After gluing crystals, antique the pendant with some Novacan black.
    Note: Where the glue is, the Novacan will not darken the metal; do not worry, this adds a cool celestial glow!
  • Buff/polish the surface a little to bring out the shine but not to much to remove the patina!

Suggested Supplies

  • 1 each #44-741-06 ImpressArt Pewter Blank, River Stone with Hole
  • 1 each #44-741-05 ImpressArt Pewter Blank, Circle with Hole
  • 1 each #49-950-26-... JBB (choose color)19mm Round Pewter Blank with Hole
  • 1 each #07-001-... Stone, Chaton, Assorted Sizes - (choose color)
  • 1 each #60-243 Beadalon Adhesive, Bead Fix, 3gm with Precision Applicator
  • 1 each #50-101-24-18 Sterling Silver Satellite Curb Chain Necklace, 18"
    - or -
  • Optional: 6 or more #05-040-04-02 Swarovski 5045 Briolette Beads, 4mm - Aurora Borealis (or other color of your choice)
  • Optional: 6" (or more) #46-404-27 24-gauge Artistic Wire - Tarnish-resistant Brass (or other color of your choice), for linking the beads


  • Center punch or automatic punch
  • Brass hammer
  • Steel block
  • Fine-point tweezers (such as beading tweezers)
  • Chasing hammer or small ball-pein hammer
  • ULTRA Polishing Pad
  • Optional: Novacan or your favorite antiquing / oxidizing solution

Oct 27th 2021 Summer Melaas

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