Sun Valley Earrings Tutorial

Created by: Mollie Valente

Designer Tips

  • Measure and mark the hanging hole placement near the upper corners of the half-round blanks. These should be set back from the edge about 1/16".
  • Use the hole punch pliers to punch holes at the marked positions.
  • The half-circle blanks can be used as is, or textured/stamped/embossed to add pattern (see texturing suggestions below).
  • Cut the length of wire into 2 equal pieces.
  • Use a ring mandrel to bend a size-14 curve in the middle of each wire; this should result in two "U"-shaped pieces.
  • Add four beads to each U-shaped piece.
  • Form hanging loops in the U-shaped wire. The loops should face perpendicular to the metal blank's face.
  • Attach the hanging loops to the punched holes in the blanks. Securely close the loops.
  • Position the beads so there are two beads on each side of the wire.

  • Twist open the ear wire loop and attach it to the top of U-shaped wire. Twist the ear-wire loop securely closed. Repeat.
  • New to Jewelry-Making?

Suggested Supplies

  • 2 each #44-722-25-0 Brass Stamping Blank, Half-Circle, 1-1/8"
  • 1 spool (use 6") #47-205-20 Red Brass Jewelry Wire, 20ga, Round, 79'
  • 1 hundred (use 8 pieces) #26-155-32-6 Antiqued Brass Plated Metal Beads, Rondelle, 3.2mm
  • 1 gross (use 2 pieces) #34-840-02-0 Titanium Earring Hook Findings, Plain


  • #69-238 EURO TOOL Hole Punch, Round, 1.5mm hole
  • #69-151 Plastic Ring Mandrel, Ungrooved (size 14 or so)
  • #65-553-00 The Beadsmith Microfine Plier Set, Four Piece tool kit
Other Supplies
  • fine-point marking pen
Suggested Texturing Tools (optional)

Add pattern with DecoEmboss dies with your embossing machine:
  • #69-325-011 Vintaj DecoEmboss Die, Acorn Hollow - Limited Availability
  • #69-325-032 Sizzix DecoEmboss Dazzle Pattern Embossing Die - Limited Availability
  • #69-325-029 Vintaj DecoEmboss Organic Texture Embossing Die - Limited Availability
Add pattern with metal stamping tools and stamp sets:
  • #69-294 EURO TOOL 3" Square Block for Making Jewelry
  • #69-346 EURO TOOL Hammer, Brass, 1lb
  • #69-246-40 ImpressArt Metal Stamp Set, Henna Mandala Pack
  • #69-246-30 ImpressArt Metal Stamp Set, Mandala Series 1
  • #69-246-41 ImpressArt Metal Stamp Set, Southwestern Mandala Pack
  • #69-246-43 ImpressArt Metal Stamp Set, Celtic Mandala Pack
Add texture with a texturing hammer:
  • #65-910 12-Face Texture Hammer
  • #69-108 2.5" Square Steel Block, for Stamping and Jewelry Making
Add a patina and polish:
  • #86-431-11-001 ImpressArt Stamp Enamel Marker - Black
  • #63-537 EURO TOOL Polishing Cloth, Brilliant
Jan 1st 2021 Mollie Valente

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