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Nickel-Free Metals Information

What is "Nickel Free"?The term "nickel free" can be confusing since jewelry marked nickel free is still allowed to contain a very small amount of nickel ... but it is such a tiny amount that it takes extremely sensitive instruments to measure it.The European Union's (EU) Nickel Directive limits the amount of nickel that may be released onto the skin from jewelry and other products. This type of measurement is distinct from measuring the percentage of nickel that exists in an alloy's composition. …
Oct 18th 2021 Polly Nobbs-LaRue

Teach Yourself American (For the British Beader)

British to American                 American to BritishSometimes we're separated by a common language! Here are a few jewellery-related terms that we've found may differ from one side of the Atlantic to the other. This list is mostly for fun. Rest assured, many jewellery and crafts terms are the same in both countries!British to AmericanAikoseed beads / Tohocatchesclasps / clutchesbolt-ringspring ringbouillonbullionbrooch/broach backspin backscalottesclams …
Jan 1st 2013 Dave Robertson