Riveting 101

Riveting 101

Learn the basics of riveting, including how to distinguish various types of rivets and how to set different rivets. Riveting is a classic, durable and popular way to create cold connections in jewelry designs (a "cold connection" is the joining together of metal components without using solder). Each type of rivet used to make jewelry requires different tools and techniques. Discover these methods below. Once you're ready to create your own custom riveted jewelry, check out our full line of rive …
Jan 1st 2015 Polly Nobbs-LaRue

Jewelry Safety: Lead Content Classifications

At Rings & Things, we work hard with manufacturers and testing agencies to ensure that our products meet the requirements of California's lead-in-adult-jewelry law, the most stringent law in the U.S.A. regarding lead content in adult jewelry. Products in our online store are labeled according to the classification chart below. Information on this page covers the basics you need to know to comply with California law. Even if you don't live in California, you might need to follow these guide …
Feb 15th 2012 Rings & Things Staff