Zen Yin Belt Buckle Tutorial

Zen Yin Belt Buckle Tutorial

Created by: Jan Roberts

Designer Tips

  • The economically-priced chatons used in this design are real leaded-glass crystals!
  • Pre-plan your design so the clay doesn't dry out before you've finished placing your embellishments. This is especially important on a large object like a belt buckle.
  • Follow the manufacturer's instructions to apply the clay to the buckle blank.
  • The Jewel Setter is an excellent tool for picking up and placing the crystals.
  • To save time, you can leave the metal beads on the string, rather than placing them individually in the clay.
  • Trim excess string once you've placed the beads.
  • For a step-by-step tutorial with images, see the Embellish Jewelry Blanks with Crystal Chatons blog post.

Suggested Supplies

  • 1 strand #26-840-19-AB Bead, Hexagon Drum, 3.5-4mm (Brass)
  • 1 each #30-682-02-AB Belt Buckle Blank, Oval, 84mm (Antiqued Brass Plated)
  • 1 each #44-062 Coin, Reproduction, Ching Dynasty (Antiqued Bronze Plated)
  • 1 each #82-200-04 EnviroTex® Jewelry Clay™
  • 1 each #22-368 Pendant, Goldweight, Crab (Brass)
  • 1 5gram pkg #07-001-043 Stone, Chaton (Crystal AB)
  • 1 5gram pkg #07-001-172 Stone, Chaton (Rose)
  • 1 5gram pkg #07-001-452 Stone, Chaton (Sapphire)


Additional Supplies
  • Resin flower from designer's stash
Feb 1st 2021 Jan Roberts

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