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Dakota Stones

Dakota Stones Onyx 6mm Faceted Roundel Bead Strand

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Dakota Stones Onyx 6mm Faceted Roundel Bead Strand
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Like twinkles of light from stars surrounded by inky darkness, the onyx 6mm faceted roundels from Dakota Stones display black color interspersed with twinkling shine. These rounded beads feature a glossy black color that is only enhanced by the small diamond-shaped facets that cover their surface. Onyx is a variety of chalcedony that is similar to agate, with straight rather than curved bands. It has a Mohs hardness of 6-7. Metaphysical Properties: Often known as a protection stone, onyx absorbs and dissolves negative energy from the body.
Because gemstones are natural materials, appearances may vary from bead to bead. All Onyx beads are heat-treated. Dakota Stones cuts its Onyx from rough material that is heated at least 3 times to make sure the black color is consistent and any light lines are not visible. Each strand includes approximately 34 beads.


Rondelle & Saucer
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6.0 - 7.9mm
Dakota Stones

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