Large Crimp Tubes for Artistic Wire

Artistic Wire crimp tubes are specially designed for connecting 12 gauge, 14 gauge and 16 gauge round wire. Perfect for bangle bracelets and fun geometric earrings!

Artistic Wire Large Wire Crimp Connectors are the perfect cold connection to join large gauges of Artistic Wire together.Perfectly calibrated for 12, 14 and 16 gauge Artistic Wires and other soft wires, you can also use them for Artistic Wire Braid, 12 gauge Aluminum Wires, and to join multiple strands of smaller gauge wires.

To use, place one end of the wire that you are joining half way into the Crimp Connector. Place the other wire in the opposite end so that the wires meet in the middle. Use the back notch of the Mighty Crimping Pliers for the 12 and 14 gauge wires, and of Standard Crimping Pliers for the 16 gauge wires, to gently squeeze one side of the crimp, then the other for a secure connection.

All 3 sizes are available in brass, bare (raw, unplated) copper, and tarnish-resistant silver plate.

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