Solid Wire Rivets

Shop decorative JBB rivets, raw copper nail-head rivets and Vintaj brand solid brass nail-head rivets in two sizes. Set with traditional hammer riveting and cold connections methods.

Vintaj brand nail-head rivets are made in the USA with the same care as other Vintaj jewelry components. Vintaj brass rivets offer an antiqued brass finish that's achieved with a multistep hand process (no plating!).

One end of these wire rivets is finished, meaning you only need to hammer one side to complete your cold connections. These solid brass and solid (raw) copper rivets are available in two lengths of 16-gauge wire (approx. 1.3mm diameter), each with a 3.6 - 3.8mm flat head. 

Decorative rivets provide a perfect blend of form and function. Finished on one end with a classic dome, or endearing motifs, the other end is ready for you to hammer onto cold connection creations. We recommend riveting with a wooden block to avoid damaging the finished, decorative side of these rivets (a scrap piece of 2x4" works perfectly). Alternately, you can place a scrap of leather on a steel block to protect the decorative rivet heads.

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